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Student work permits

6/17/2020 -- We are receiving a number of requests for student work permits this summer. We are accommodating these requests using an online process.

To request a work permit, start by downloading the form from the website below. There is a separate form for summer work and one for work during the school year.

Missouri Department of Labor forms are located here.

The student and a parent will complete section A of the form and the employer will complete section B in its entirety.

Please email Cindy Wester at with your work permit form attached. We will complete Section C on behalf of Parkway School District and email the completed form back to you so you can turn it into the employer and provide a copy to the State of Missouri.

Please note you should attach a scanned copy of the completed form. Flatbed photocopier scanned (i.e. home printer) reproductions of forms saved as an attachment can be emailed. The state will not accept a picture of the form from a smartphone per its guidelines.

If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Wester at