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Parkway Board of Education appoints Tiffany Mapp Franklin to fill vacancy

Tiffany Mapp Franklin5/12/2022 -- At its meeting last night, the Board of Education selected Tiffany Mapp Franklin to fill a board vacancy for 10 months, beginning June 2022, until the next school board election is held in April of 2023.

The board followed its policy for School Board Vacancies which included an open process where the board interviewed the 12 candidates who applied and ultimately voted on the appointment of Tiffany Mapp Franklin. You can watch the meeting, interviews and discussion online here.

School board member, Kristy Klein Davis, previously announced her intent to resign from the Parkway Board of Education effective June 2, 2022. Klein Davis accepted a job outside of the St. Louis region.

Mapp Franklin will be officially sworn in at the June 15 board of education meeting.