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Athletics Information

Fall Practices- The first day of practice/tryouts for the Fall season will be on August 12th. Please plan accordingly to be in attendance on this date if you plan on participating in any of our Fall sports. Contests can begin on Friday, August 30th and you must have 14 practices in before you are allowed to compete in a game/meet/contest.


Dead Weeks- For our Fall athletic teams, there is a mandatory dead week in which athletes are not allowed to meet with coaches or be on campus using the facilites. This occurs the week before the start of practices, so it will run from Saturday Aug 3rd thru Sunday Aug 11th.


Athletic Participation Packet- All athletes (including cheer, dance, and marching band) must have a participation packet completed on our online system, Privit, before they are allowed to participate on August 12th. Instructions for creating your Privit profile or udating your current one can be found online at under the Documents and Athletic Links tab. If you already have an account from this past school year, then you will just need to update your info and upload a new physical. You do not need to create another account. Please note several items on the packet...The physical must be dated and signed by a physician clearing the athlete to participate without restrictions. Within the Privit system you will be prompted to read and electronically sign several district policies which include, but are not limited to the district’s electronic user policy, the code of conduct, transportation agreement. Please make sure you read through these documents as you are signing off that you and the student athlete have done so and understand the material within those documents.


Physicals- Recently the member schools of the MSHSAA voted in favor of allowing physicals, used for athletic participation to be good for 2 years. This will have the greatest impact on the coming 2019-2020 school year. Here is some information to help you navigate this change along with Parkway's policy for the change.

  • -The new start date for physicals will be July 1st for each 2 year cycle. For example, any physical dated after July 1st, 2018 will be good for all of the 2019-2020 school year. This means the vast majority of athletes who had a physical for the 2018-2019 school year would not need another physical for the 2019-2020 school year.
  • - If your physical is dated on or later than July 1, 2019 then it will be good through the 2020- 2021 school year -If you are new to high school athletics in Parkway you will need to create an account through Privit. Instructions are attached to this email and can also be located at
  • - If you already have a Privit account and the physical you used for this past year was dated after July 1st, 2018 then it is still good and you will need to unarchive it from your account. Here are the steps to do that.... Log into your privit account Go to "Manage Documents" On the top click the "Archived" tab Find the most current physical in the list and click "Restore" - Even though the phsyical will be good for 2 years, the Privit accounts will still need to be updated every year in order to verify insurance, emergency consent info, etc. While the phyiscals will be good for a 2 year cycle, we still encourage all students to have a yearly examine conducted by their primary pediatrician.


Practice Cards- No athlete will be allowed to practice without a practice card. Once your Privit profile has been completed and your physical uploaded to your account the athlete will be cleared by the Student Activities office, which will allow them to pick up a Practice Card. The student activities office will be open the week of August 5th from 8am3pm to pick up the practice cards. We will also be here the entire day of the first day of practices on August 12th.


Red and White Night- Save the date for our annual Red and White night on Friday, Aug 23rd Each team will have a time slot that evening to showcase their program, followed by our Football Jamboree. We will once again be holding a canned food drive for admission to the jamboree to support the Parkway Food Bank. More info on this event will be out as we get closer to the date. We will also be hosting a soccer jamboree on Saturday, Aug 24th with multiple high schools participating. Again, more info/schedules on this will be available as we get closer.


Schedules- Schedules for the upcoming fall sports teams can be found at These are subject to change, but should be fairly accurate at this point.


As always you can follow us on Twitter @pchcolts for news and updates from the athletic department.