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New internet safety for elementary students

11/29/16 -- As we look to continue to provide more access to technology and digital resources to students, we recognize that there are some inherent challenges that come with that access. Over the past year, we have seen a rise in the number of inappropriate web search incidents by our elementary school students. In response to this we adopted a new tool called GoGuardian. GoGuardian provides an additional layer of protection for our elementary school students wherever they are logged in with their Parkway Google accounts. We successfully tested GoGuardian with students at two our elementary schools and rolled out to all elementary students in October.

While an additional layer of technical security it definitely beneficial, no technology can provide total protection. It is still very important for parents to monitor your child’s internet and online activities at home. Many devices come with parental controls that can help parents to restrict access to specific sites or at specific times of the day. While these are important pieces, it’s equally important to simply have conversations about the decisions that your students make when using technology as well as modeling appropriate usage and etiquette.  


For more information about GoGuardian, please check out this video:

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