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Emails going to spam

2/28/2017 -- We have reports of some parents and employees who are receiving emails from our mass communications system, Parkway Connect (Blackboard), but the emails are going into spam folders.

The majority of issues we are seeing are with Gmail accounts both inside and outside the district. Gmail and other email providers are always improving their filters and security. It is common for emails sent to large groups to occasionally get marked as spam. We are working with the provider of our mass communications system, Blackboard, to ensure we are not flagged as unsafe email senders.

In the meantime, this is what parents and employees can do:

Mark emails as safe
If you are not receiving emails from your school, check your spam folder. If you find the emails there, mark the emails as safe.

Use the Parkway app
All emails, text messages, phone calls, flyers, sent from Parkway Connect to a parent or employee are located in a personalized inbox on the Parkway app. Even if an email goes to spam, it will still appear in the Parkway app.

Parents and employees can download the Parkway app for free in the App Store or Google Play. Click on the “Help” tab in the app and sign in to receive all communications from Parkway Connect.