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Alumni Association grants $17,500 in Dream Grants

Granting Dreams The Parkway Alumni Association (PAA) awarded $17,500 in monetary dream grants and numerous resource grants to students throughout the Parkway School District, totaling 201 grants. The Granting Dreams program is designed to turn dreams into realities for any K-12 Parkway student eager to further their learning or explore new opportunities.


Grant requests ranged from a girl at Barretts Elementary who would like to learn more about her heritage and wants to visit the Immigration Museum at Ellis Island, to a boy at Northeast Middle receiving money to purchase a violin and student at North High getting a $1,000 so she can hire a patent attorney to discuss patenting an idea that will help children and adults with Cystic Fibrosis. 


“When students meet success in one area of their lives, the thrill of accomplishment carries over into other areas and becomes a motivating factor in their education,” said Mimi Holder, president of the PAA. “The Granting Dreams application process challenges students to figure out what steps it will take to make their dream a reality.”


Grants of financial support are awarded, as well as resource grants allowing students to shadow a professional. Students were encouraged to submit requests that demonstrate a commitment to furthering skills, acquiring knowledge or experience, participating in school-related activities, or those that involve the community.