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Letter from superintendent about bus accident

5/11/2017 -- The below letter was sent to Hanna Woods families and Parkway staff this afternoon.


Our hearts stopped this morning when we heard of a major bus accident carrying Parkway students from St. Louis City to Hanna Woods Elementary. It is the kind of news no one wants to hear.


Miraculously, we learned that all 13 students only suffered minor injuries and have since been released from the hospital to their families. The bus driver is in stable condition at a local hospital and expected to make a full recovery.

We are grateful to all the first responders and the medical team at Children’s Hospital for their quick action. Their dedication and care for our community is inspirational. We also understand that other good samaritans near the scene jumped in to help our students. It is times like this when we are reminded of the generosity of the human spirit.

It appears the bus driver was reacting to an erratic driver who hit the bus from behind on the highway. She responded quickly and effectively as the bus went into median and then swerved off the highway. First responders noted the bus driver’s heroic effort and ability to keep the bus upright, as it could have easily rolled down the embankment.

We are so proud of her, as she exemplifies all of the caring adults committed to keeping our children safe every day. As I visited with her in the hospital this afternoon, she didn’t want to talk about herself. All she wanted to know was how the students were doing. She is immensely grateful that everyone is going to be okay. So are we. Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


Thank you for your continued support. We certainly felt the arms of the community wrapped around our Parkway family today.


With gratitude,

Dr. Marty