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2017-18 Teachers of the year

1/8/2018 -- Congratulations to the following educators who have been selected by their peers as Teachers of the Year for their schools.


The teacher of the year selection committee will now select one elementary, middle school, high school and district teacher of the year. All teachers of the year will be honored at the March 14 board of education meeting and at Appreciation Evening on April 23.


Elementary & Early Childhood



Jesse Burkett, grade 3



Susan Johnson, special educator


Carman Trails

Nancy Simpson, grade 1



Lynn Ann DeGuire, nurse



Erica Rochester, grade 5


Early Childhood

Kimberly Schindler, special educator


Green Trails

Cody Burkett, grade 5


Hanna Woods

Wendy Finch, grade 3



Elise Sivcovich, reading interventionist


Highcroft Ridge

Danielle Stilts, librarian


Mason Ridge

Phyllis Barnes, reading specialist



Becca Steinmetz, instructional coach


Oak Brook

Christina Evans, grade 2



Karen Fluchel, counselor


River Bend

Jeannine Clerc, special educator



Stacey Besand, counselor


Shenandoah Valley

Lanie Mitchell, gifted education


Sorrento Springs

Phil McGuire, physical education


Wren Hollow

Beth Matheis, grade 3


Middle School

Central Middle

Paul Holzen, band


Northeast Middle

Ali Ghasedi, physical education


South Middle

Wendy Farmer, drama


Southwest Middle

Derek McCarty, special educator


West Middle

Lauren Kortas-Peer, business  


High School

Central High

Ben Silvermintz, vocal music


Fern Ridge

Linda Jones, math


North High

Karen LaFever, science


South High

Amber Rice, social studies


West High

Kristen Collins, social studies