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Parkway named one of the nation’s most innovative districts

9/7/2018 -- Thanks to a sound strategic plan, sophisticated systems thinking, encouragement to take risks, and a commitment to shrewd resource allocation, Parkway was able to unify around shared goals and unlock a true culture of innovation.


The innovation it unleashed, caught the eye of AASA (The School Superintendents Association) and SPN (Successful Practices Network), who selected Parkway as one of the most innovative school districts in the United States. In a newly released case study, educators can read how a large district cultivated, systematized, and protects a true culture of innovation


In 2017, AASA and SPN joined forces to search nationwide for the districts challenging the status quo to find groundbreaking and original ways to meet students’ changing and complex needs. The intention is to celebrate bold innovators in education and report their experiences in case studies to benefit of all educators. Throughout 2018, all 25 case studies will be released to educators wanting to learn from the successes of these districts.