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Seniors - Kyle E. Palmer Award

Attention Class of 2019;
Each year the family of a former North High student (Kyle Palmer) fund an a generous award to two (2) members of the graduating class. $1000 is awarded to each of the two (2) recipients.
Here is the criteria for the award:
  1. Must have some artistic passion/expression or thing you enjoy creating
  2. Must complete the application process
  3. Must meet the April 24th deadline of 2:45 PM
  4. Must be graduating in May of 2019 from Parkway North High School
  5. Must send a Thank you Card to the Palmer family (Mr. Little will provide the card) stating your gratitude
GPA is not a part of this application process! This is based solely on artistic endeavor and the application narratives you provide.
Examples of artistic endeavors or creativity: The usual fine arts, Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Photography, etc..., The performing arts, Singing, Dancing, Instrumental performances, and Composing. The Design & Industrial Arts, Lighting Design, Set Design, Costume/Clothing Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Woodworking, and Clothing Construction. The culinary arts, Baking and Cooking. Textile Arts, Sewing, Knitting, Building clothing (dresses, suits, costumes). Literary Writing, Short stories, poems, plays, etc...
If you have something you feel is creative please consider it art. If you need confirmation please see Mr. Little in room 0501 (Theatre Dept.)
Visit our Google Classroom with the join code: 10woa0o to access. Here you will find application overview to get started writing your story. Application deadline is 2:45 PM on Wednesday the 24th of April (early applications are preferred).
Please see Mr. Little, Ms. Brown, Ms. Wills, Dr. Page, or your favorite art teacher if you have any questions.