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Seniors - Kyle E. Palmer Award. This award is for 2 Seniors and supported by the loving family of a former North High student Kyle E. Palmer.

Dear PNH Class of 2020,

Congratulations on completing this milestone in your lives. You should be proud of the time and effort you put into completing this phase of your lives.

I know the current experience we are all living through does not look the way you expected this momentous event to look. It has taken us all off guard. We are resilient and will make it through this difficult and unusual time. Make time to celebrate with your loved ones and appreciate how much they care about you.

Kyle E Palmer Information Poster

Each year 2 members of the Senior Class are eligible to receive an Award/Grant of $1000. This award is supported by the loving family of a former North High student by the name of Kyle E. Palmer.

Kyle was an entertaining young man who loved all of the arts. He liked to play guitar and sing so he took some of the music department classes. He also took theatre classes and performed in a number of plays here at Parkway North. Kyle passed away just before the end of his senior year. His family created this Award/Grant program to award Artistic Seniors a chance to follow their dreams and create.

All Seniors are eligible to apply for this Award/Grant. The definition for “art” or “creativity” can be anything that falls under the art category: Music / Dance / Theatre / All the Visual Art mediums / Culinary Arts / Clothing Design Arts / Literary Arts

If you feel you have a talent in any of these areas you should consider applying for the 2020 Kyle E. Palmer Award/Grant.

The application requirements this year are all electronic. I have created a Google Classroom for you to sign into. In this Classroom will be the application form the supporting documents/narratives, and Rec Letter information you will need to complete your application.

Here is the Google Classroom information: Kyle E. Palmer - Art Grant Code: txlwszu

The Deadline for completion of this application and submission of your “Art” is: Monday May, 25th at Noon.

The adjudication team looks forward to seeing your art and reading about you, your future plans and what your art means to you!


Chad Little
Parkway North Theatre
Missouri State Thespian Board Member
Kyle E. Palmer Award/Grant Chair