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Seussical! - Feb. 20th & 21st at 7:00pm & Sat. the 22nd at 2:00pm at Parkway North!

Seussical! - Feb. 20th & 21st at 7:00 PM & Sat. the 22nd at 2:00 PM at Parkway North!
Please join the 60 cast and crew members who have spent the last 2 months building, creating, rehearsing, and organizing our Winter Musical - Seussical!
This is a musical for all ages. Seuss told stories for children but underneath every one of them is a message for the adults in the room. We just have to be open to it! Encourage your High School aged children to support their friends and bring your younger children or grandchildren! A fun show for the whole family!
Tickets are going quickly. Visit to purchase your tickets online and select your seats. Please remember to print them to bring with you to the performance!
Cast: Bella Berger, David Brooks, Parker Cole, Sean Crawford, Carlsan Fajardo, Emily Flagg, Marie Garlich, Sam Greer, Jaden Grosman, Sara Hong, Abrielle James, Natalie Kallen, Diana Khariton, Rome Little, David Melamed, Joey Sawyer, Cassie Schoene, Micah Schwartz, Sophia Strathman, Evelyn Vordtriede, Marion Vortriede, Dorian Washington, Kris Weber, Lauren Weber
Management Team/Leaders: Caylah Johnson, Saloni Shringarpure, Anjola Ola, Sur Mishra, Sydney King, Jaela Washington, Naomi Hester, Abrielle James, Isaiah Mays
Crew Members (lights/construction/sound/costumes/properties & marketing): Evan Billingsly, Nick Bowman, Jordan Byrd, Anushka Dave, DArrach Hindrichs, Eleanor Linhardt, Ellie Mawuenyega, Sena Mawuenyega, Alvin Moy, Aman Pai, Zachary Payeur, Noah Pines, Michael Strobel, Leticia Toledo, Amelie Vogt, Vincent Vordtriede, Eleanor Voss, Celia Wingart, Angela Weltig, Valerie Whitlock, Kaitlyn Williams
Orchestra Pit: Alfonso Struckhoff (Clarinet), Meredith Teakert (Trombone), Oliver Buckley (Trumpet), Alan Holmes Faulkner (Baritone Sax), Zach Shoptaugh (Alto Sax), Quade Sherman (Percussion), Bernadette Doray (Keyboard)
Adults: Mr. Chad Little (Director), Mr. Paul Cereghino (Vocal Director/Conductor), Ms. Angela Hetz (Choreographer), Mr. Clint Johnson (Scenic Artist), Mr. Jake Stergos (Orchestra-Bass), Mr. Keith Bowman (Orchestra-Drums)
We hope to see you in the audience!
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