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Parkway North Senior Bash Shoe & Clothing Drive 2022

Help raise funds for the Senior Bash while helping others in need!

Donate your GENTLY USED shoes and clothes to help raise funds for Senior Bash!  We will earn 40 cents per/lb for shoes and 18 cents per/lb for clothing collected.

When? Monday, January 10 - Friday, January 21

Where? There will be a trailer for you to put items in on the Parkway North High School Junior parking lot

Who? Anyone can donate, whether you have a Senior or not, so please share this with family and friends!


A message from the Director of Midwest Shoe Recyclers…

All of our items are now shipped to the Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya.  This "camp" is really more of a city with about 350,000 inhabitants, mostly from Somalia.  It is a sad place where families are in a no-mans land due to politics.  Your donations are incredibly valuable to them.

Please be sure that the shoes are paired, not singles.  We can take virtually any kind of clothing and shoes with the exception of winter boots.  Even though Dadaab is close to the equator, it is at a high elevation and so winter clothing is welcomed.

This is a labor of love for us; I am semi-retired and really enjoy helping the kids raise money and knowing that all the shoes and clothes will be helping people with severe needs.

Thanks.  I look forward to working with you!

Bill, Director of Midwest Shoe Recyclers


Senior Bash thanks you in advance for your support and donations!