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Congratulations Future Business Leaders of America!

Congratulations to our FBLA state qualifiers!

Michele Grinko--Computer Applications 2nd place

Michele Grinko--Healthcare Administration 4th place

Gemma Fish--Business Calculations 5th place


Other places at districts:
Elizabeth Korte & Alaina Friedoff--Hospitality Management 4th place
Elizabeth Korte, Katelyn Hatten, & Alaina Friedoff--Sales Presentation 5th place
Gemma Fish--Word Processing 5th place
Katelyn Hatten--Word Processing 7th place
Brady Thien--Intro to Business Concepts 7th place
Ty Parks--Accounting 1 8th place and personal finance 10th place
Erin Bauer--Business Calculations 8th place and Personal Finance 11th place
Polina Adamovski--Journalism 10th place

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