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2020-21 calendar approved

4/11/19 -- In December, a calendar survey was conducted to get feedback from parents and staff. Based on the results, the 2020-21 calendar approved by the board of education includes: 

  • Early releases on Wednesdays, in place of late starts. Early releases are spaced every 3-5 weeks throughout the year and placed away from other breaks or days off school.
  • Three half days placed on Thursdays before long holiday weekends.
  • A longer fall break in October; a long weekend off in November around the presidential election day; two weeks for winter break and the Friday before spring break off.
  • Seven built-in snow makeup days if needed.

The Calendar Survey
In December of 2018, a survey of parents and staff was conducted to understand how we can more effectively schedule teacher and school building professional development. This is what we heard in the community survey:

  • Parents and staff prefer early releases over late starts. For an early release day of the week, parents and staff preferred Friday or Wednesday.
  • For full or half days off during the school year, parents prefer more time at fall break, followed by long holiday weekends and more time at winter/spring break. Teachers prefer election days without students, followed by more time at fall break and long holiday weekends.
  • Teachers preferred early release or late start time over full or half days without students. Parents preferred full days off, followed by 2-hour early release/late start. The least popular option among both parents and staff was weekly one hour development time.

The Calendar Committee and Process
As the calendar committee designs and plans for the calendar, they use the following standing calendar considerations based on historical feedback from our community. In planning for the 2020-21 school year calendar, the following things were added as considerations:

  • The Missouri legislature recently passed a bill that will allow us to count and report hours of instruction rather than days.
  • Teachers and administrators have shared they need more time to meet new state and district professional development requirements and still have time to plan for their own school building, team and classroom initiatives.