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'You bowl me over'

Latonya Milliams

'You Bowl Me Over'

Kudos to Latonya Williams, North High dietary aide, for receiving the "You Bowl Me Over" award, reserved for hard-working Food Services staffers who excel at building relationships with students. Peggy Mitchell, North area Food Services manager, says  Latonya gives "gentle, but firm, prodding" to students to make sure they eat a balanced meal in the lunch line. 'That's right, sweety, you can get a piece of fruit with that 'or 'Don't forget. The veggies are good for you', and even, 'Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Would you like a hug? I hope you feel better.'" These are daily examples of the positive, warm support Latonya gives to kids. And all this after hours of hard physical work in a hot, bustling kitchen!