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Parkway Food Pantry: Providing for Our Community

Since opening seven months ago, the Parkway Food Pantry has provided over 33,000 meals for Parkway students. Most of the donations are generated by Parkway schools holding food drives for staff, students and parents to contribute.

Did you know that one out of every five students in Parkway is not guaranteed dinner in the evenings or adequate food on the weekends? Here’s what you can do to help:


Donate food to help us serve more Parkway students currently on a waiting list.
The Parkway Food Pantry currently serves 160 students a week, but has another 150 students on a waiting list. Those 150 students receive a weekly snack bag. In order to provide them with a meal bag, we need more donations! 

Recommended donations: canned fruit, canned tuna or chicken, canned spaghetti sauce, pasta, rice, individual-sized cereal and nut butter, canned meals (like ravioli or chicken and dumplings) and canned vegetables are needed.


Keep in mind students in grades kindergarten to 12th grade are carrying items home in their backpacks, so it can't be too heavy or breakable. So please avoid glass containers and large sizes of items.

Donate reusable grocery bags.  
These will be used for students who have no room in their backpacks for food bags.


During the summer, the primary need from volunteers is to weed, harvest and tend the gardens on the north side of Northeast Middle. Additionally, there is a need for some limited work inside the pantry so that our recipients can access services. Details on summer pantry hours and operations is pending. Food generated from the garden will help feed our students over the summer. If you have interest in helping, please email us at At the beginning of the school year, we will solicit more volunteers as we resume normal pantry operations. These roles include processing and shelving donated food, packing food bags, and transporting bags once a week to the schools. 


The pantry supplies food to students in the following ways:

  • Students who are signed up receive a weekly food bag that they take home on Fridays. Want to sign up or know a child/family in need? Email There are no requirements to qualify for food. We simply ask for information on each student's dietary restrictions or food allergies, etc. for safety reasons.
  • The week before extended breaks (Thanksgiving, winter break and spring break) we do not send food bags home, because we provide a food box that is much larger. Food bag recipients can RSVP for a large food box for the extended break, which can be picked up by the family during designated times. 
  • Short-term or emergency needs for food are directed to the area social workers, who can coordinate pick up or delivery of 3-4 bags of food to help families in a pinch.

The Parkway Food Pantry is a food pantry serving the entire school district of Parkway, to help those in the Parkway community who are food insecure, which means they have inadequate or unstable access to nutritious food.

Click here to learn more: Parkway Food Pantry website.