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Update: District offices closing at 2 pm today

1/14/19 -- Due to severe weather, all employees can leave work today at 2:00 pm. or when all students have been safely dismissed from your school. Our revised planning, in the interest of safety, is due to the revised forecast and MODOT and the Highway Patrol now encouraging drivers to head home soon.


Second shift workers do not need to report to work. We recognize that employees have different work shifts and some will have to work a full day and others will get to go home early. However, due to the timing of the severe weather, this how we will approach today and the desire to balance work needs and safety for all. If you feel you need to leave earlier, please work with your supervisor to use personal, vacation or comp time if available.


All employees will be paid for a full work day as a result of the district closing early.


Stay safe and warm and enjoy the weekend!