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New Employee Gifts

Based on employee feedback and a desire to improve how we recognize service to Parkway, we have updated our employee gift program for years of service and retirement.


Years of service gifts - New online catalog!
Previously, when you achieved a year of service milestone, you would receive a gift that was selected for each milestone.


New this year, all employees celebrating a year of service milestone will have the opportunity to choose their own gift from an online catalog. The catalog has hundreds of items to choose from including apparel, electronics, beauty, home, jewelry, sports, recreation and more. The gift selection varies by years of service; the longer employed with Parkway the higher the price point of the gift. In lieu of a gift, employees can also choose to have a donation made in their name to the Parkway Alumni Association or the Parkway Early Learning Foundation.


If you earned a year of service gift for 2019, you will receive a recognition card from your supervisor. The card will include a web link and a unique username and password you can use to choose your own gift online.


Retiree gifts
In celebration of retirement, employees will receive a crystal Bulova clock.


Congratulations to all of our 2019 employees earning a year of service milestone or retirement! We hope you enjoy your gift as a small token of our appreciation for your dedication to students.