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Need to purchase something? We're here to help

Are you purchasing items for back to school? Let your budget secretary and Parkway’s Purchasing Department help. Here are some tips and guidelines to keep in mind when purchasing:

  • Request approval from your supervisor prior to purchasing. For $100-500 purchases, get prior approval in writing. We cannot reimburse you for purchases over $500.
  • For orders over $1,000, a purchase order (PO) serves as your official request to purchase and order. You must have a PO prior to the purchase. 
  • For purchases over $500 to vendors that do not accept Purchase Orders, please use a P-Card.  To refer to the P-Card Manual click here.
  • Amazon purchases should be made using a Parkway Amazon account. We cannot reimburse purchases on personal Amazon accounts.

Why do you need a PO prior to a $1,000+ purchase?
A purchase order protects you as the purchaser to ensure you are reimbursed for the purchase. When we place the order on your behalf, we add terms and conditions with the vendor to protect you and the district. The purchase order can also save money, time and catch conflicts of interest with current approved bids or vendor contracts that you may be unaware of when purchasing. 

If you have a question or when in doubt, contact the Purchasing Department at 314-415-8251. 

To review purchasing policies and guidelines, click here.


Purchasing flyer