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Important updates


Dear Parkway parents and staff,

I hope you are maintaining your health and productivity as we explore new approaches to teaching and learning. While we are separated physically for the sake of community health, I hope you are also able to maintain meaningful connections with teachers, classmates, family and friends through the variety of methods technology makes available to us.

We have a few updates to share with you below which include:

  • Meal pickup resumes next week for our students. Families can pick up five days of breakfast and lunch meals on Wednesdays. More details below.
  • Online safety and Chromebook care.
  • Update on summer school plans.

Meal Pickup Resumes
In the past few weeks, we have been working to ensure additional safety procedures so meals are available for students while also maintaining the health of our families and staff. Starting next week:

Families can pick up five days of meals including breakfast and lunch each Wednesday, starting April 22. Grab and go meals will be available for curbside pickup at Fern Ridge, South High, and Park Meadow Apartments. Please complete this meal pickup form to request meals.

Lunch Balances
Meal accounts will roll to the next school year even if students move to different schools in Parkway. There are two other options. You can request a refund or you can choose to donate your current balance to the Parkway Food Pantry. If you would like to request a refund, please email If you would like to donate your balance, please email Please include the following information in your email: student name, school, parent name, mailing address and how you would like your balance applied.

Online Safety and Security
During this time, we know our students might be spending more time on their devices than in the past. Managing their safety can be very challenging. Here is a list of resources that can assist parents in navigating the online world with children. 

Chromebook Care
As we continue to support eLearning, we would like to share some points on Chromebook care to help keep your devices in good functioning health. Below are some suggestions that will help ensure your device will continue to function properly. 

  • Reboot your Chromebook every two days to keep the operating system intact and to install any new updates.
  • Clean your Chromebook screen and keyboard with a dampened soft cloth, like a microfiber cloth. A mixture of half vinegar and half water works very well in cleaning Chromebooks. 
  • Do not set anything on top of your Chromebook. 
  • Keep all beverages at a 3 to 4 feet distance from your Chromebook.
  • Place your Chromebook on a sturdy, solid, level surface when in use. When not in use, place the Chromebook in a secure location.
  • Be sure to plug the charger in your Chromebook on a nightly basis. Only use the charger designed for your Chromebook. Other chargers may fit the power port, but there is a possibility they could damage the system board or the battery. 
  • When carrying your Chromebook, be sure to hold it securely with the lid closed. Place it carefully on a level surface. Please refrain from tossing or throwing Chromebooks.
  • Chromebooks should remain free of any writing, drawing or stickers.
  • Make sure your Chromebook keyboard is free of objects before closing the lid. 

Additionally, our Technology Help Desk is here for you to troubleshoot any issues you are having with your district-provided equipment. If there is an immediate need to replace or repair a Chromebook, please contact the Help Desk at 314-415-8181, option 1. 

Summer Plans
We continue to work on plans for the upcoming summer months that will ensure the safety and health of our students and teachers. We will be back in touch soon with more details on these decisions as we look ahead while also recognizing the challenges of planning during this uncertain time.