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New Early Retirement Incentive Plan

The Parkway Board of Education has approved a new Early Separation Incentive Plan for all full time (30 hours or more per week) certified staff and all operations staff (excluding administrators). The purpose of this Early Separation Incentive Plan (ESIP) is to provide a financial incentive to employees who elect early retirement from the Parkway School District. As you may know, this plan was offered earlier for the 2019-2020 year. Knowing that situations may have changed and/or intent may have changed for the next school year, the board has approved opening the incentive again to employees. The incentive will be available for the period of May 7 - June 22, 2020. Please see the attachment for more information.

Previously, when the incentive plan was offered, employees were required to have completed a minimum of 10 years of continuous service in Parkway in order to be able to participate in the incentive. This requirement does not apply during this incentive window. 

All full time certified and operations staff are eligible (excluding administrators). Employees must be eligible to retire under the eligibility requirement within the PSRS/PEERS criteria.

The district will pay $9,300 cash (less taxes) on behalf of each eligible employee who elects to participate in the ESIP.

Operations staff should contact Lisa Powers at and certified staff should contact Suzanne Osredker at for more information or questions.