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COVID-19 Antibody Testing Now Available

CareATC is using a COVID-19 antibody test authorized for use by the FDA that may help identify previous COVID-19 infections.

Please schedule an appointment with your CareATC provider to determine if antibody testing is appropriate.

Who Should Get an Antibody Test?

  • Healthcare workers and individuals with high-risk exposure to known
    COVID-19 patients. Testing should be performed at least 14 days after
    exposure to an infected patient
  • Patients who have had high-risk exposure >14 days before and do not
    currently have symptoms.
  • Patients who were previously symptomatic consistent with COVID-19 (previously tested or not).
  • Patients who:
    - are in high-risk situations
    - are critical to infrastructure
    - are working with the general public
    - for other reasons need to know immunity status
  • Patients deemed appropriate for testing by a provider

Please note: walk-ins are not allowed for antibody testing.

Three easy ways to schedule an appointment:

See the attached flyer here.