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Two Policy Updates for You to Review

The Board of Education has approved two policy updates that impact Parkway employees.

Full-time Employees Can Enroll Children in Parkway Schools
We are excited to announce a new benefit for Parkway employees. The Board of Education has approved an update to board policy that allows full-time Parkway employees to enroll their non-resident children in our schools beginning in the 2020-21 school year.

Parkway is one of the very few districts in Missouri that does not offer this opportunity to its staff. This benefit for employees has been given a great deal of consideration for many years. Given the potential staff and family stressors in the upcoming school year, the time is right to provide this opportunity. We recognize this policy update may help our staff align working calendars and school schedules with their children’s, and potentially provide the same educational delivery should we have school closures or need to implement alternate learning schedules this school year.

  • The opportunity to enroll non-resident students in Parkway Schools is available for full-time regular Parkway employees - certified and operational - as well as Special School District (SSD) full-time regular employees who are assigned to Parkway buildings full-time.
  • Parkway will use the special assignment policy and procedures for registration.
  • Under the guidelines, families can request enrollment at a specific school, but the district will determine which schools have spaces and seats for new students. Special assignment will be granted only when space is available, in order to maintain fiscal responsibility and avoid additional budget implications or impact on our taxpayers. Therefore, we will be unable to grant some requests due to space and current overcrowding at specific schools and/or feeder patterns.
  • Employees whose children have been approved to attend a Parkway school can request to enroll in Parkway Virtual full-time for the 2020-21 school year. Virtual enrollment will open the week of July 20.
  • There will be important parameters serving students with an IEP. Parkway is developing an agreement with SSD, similar to agreements with other county school districts. 
  • If employment with Parkway ends, the employee’s child(ren) will be allowed to complete the academic year, but will not have their tenure extended beyond.
  • Non-resident children of Parkway employees will provide their own transportation to and from school.

If you are interested in enrolling your non-resident child in Parkway Schools, you can begin the special assignment process by completing this form.

We are grateful to our Board of Education for its support of this opportunity and hope this benefit demonstrates our desire to assist staff members and their families during these challenging and uncertain times.

Update to Sick Leave Policy for Operations Employees
Under the recommendation of the Missouri School Board Association, the Parkway Board of Education has approved removing ‘Sick Leave Donation’ from the ‘Extended Illness’ section of policies GDCA.BP and GECA.BP for Operations Staff. This change is effective July 1, 2020 and these sections of the policies will no longer be in effect. The Operations Employee Handbook has been updated to reflect this change.        

View the updated policies/guidelines on BoardDocs: