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After the Vaccine - What you need to know

We were pleased to provide a vaccine to 940 Parkway staff members before Spring Break! Before the clinic, we know at least 1,100 other employees had already received a vaccine.

This means at least 67% of Parkway staff have at least one dose of the vaccine. We know this number continues to increase every day and is likely higher. Over 91% of all Parkway staff say they intend to get the vaccine.

As more of our staff and adults in the community become vaccinated, we move into a hopeful time. Until vaccination access is available to all, health officials have reminded us to stay the course. We still need to maintain our current health and safety practices at work and in our schools even for adults who have been vaccinated. This includes mask wearing and social distancing.

Important things to know after you are vaccinated:

  • The CDC has guidance on activities and precautions after vaccination. This helpful information is found here.

  • After vaccination, if you are exposed to a positive case of COVID-19, you are not required to quarantine for 90 days after your last dose as long as you don’t have symptoms.

  • We will continue our current contact tracing practices and notify anyone who is a close contact to a positive case at work or school.

Where can I get a vaccine?
We want to continue to provide opportunities for our staff to receive a vaccine if they choose.

On April 15, Parkway will hold a second vaccination clinic at North High for employees who got their first dose on March 18.  This event is closed to the public and only available for employees working in our schools.

  • If you were vaccinated at this event, more information is coming to you soon to prepare for your second dose on April 15. 

  • If you did not attend the first event, but are interested in receiving your first or second dose of the Moderna vaccine, we are creating a waiting list. Use this form to sign up for the waiting list for the April 15 vaccination event. This event is closed to the public and only available for employees working in our schools and buildings. We will contact the wait list in the order of those who first completed the form.

Parkway school nurses also continue to keep an updated list of vaccine locations in the region and community events here.