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Connecting students with the trades

2/23/2023 -- Last week, ARTS Trades Day connected Parkway students with hands-on learning experiences in the construction trades. 

Andy Rice Trade Scholarship (ARTS) is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization providing opportunities for careers in the trades. The ARTS Trades Day provided an immersive hands-on experience for Parkway students to:

  • Learn about the construction trades industry from experiences with different companies. Students learned about opportunities in painting, carpentry, masonry, heating/cooling, plumbing, electrical work and more.
  • Participated in hands-on learning and informal interviews with prospective employers for summer internships, scholarships, job opportunities, apprenticeships, and training

Watch the KMOV, Channel 4 story here

In the last decade, the U.S. has faced an extreme shortage of skilled workers. Employers continue to struggle to find trained, qualified workers who are able to meet the needs of the demands for trade labor. The ARTS organization, founded in honor of the late Andy Rice, is dedicated to supporting young adults interested in productive, lucrative, and rewarding careers in the trades.