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Parkway Alumni Association salutes veterans

HOF Vets Who are the veterans in Parkway Alumni Association's Hall of Fame? 

Starting at the top:

Row 1: Rear Adm Robert Greene [Central '78, HOF '16], Maj Gen Gregg Sturdevant [North '75, HOF '12], Rear Adm Phil Davidson [West '78, HOF '10]

Row 2: Brigadier Gen Paul Owen [South '86, HOF '18], Lt Col/Surgeon (Air Force Reserve) Dr. Andrew Brown [West '82, HOF '08], Brigadier Gen Mark O'Neill [Central '73, HOF '04]

Row 3: (Army/Green Beret) Terry Cadenbach [Parkway '66, HOF '16], Capt Kevin Little [West '73, HOF '08], (Army/2nd Lt) Kelvin Watson [South '90, HOF '06]

Row 4: Commander John Winkler [Central '81, HOF '04], Lt Col (Army Reserve Dental Corps) Dr. Charles Gillam [West '78, HOF '08], CMSgt John Lysaght [South '87, HOF '14]

Row 5: Maj Gen Bentley Rayburn [Central '71, HOF '04], CW4 (Ret) Pete Schuessler [West '79, HOF '12], Lt Col Adam Chitwood [South '99, HOF '18], MSgt David Wilkenson [Central '80, HOF '06], Lt Terri Fussner [South '92, HOF '18]

(Note: There may be other HOF members who are not featured here - we may not be aware of their service, especially if they were not active military when this post was written.)

Rank for each HOF member is noted as it was when person was inducted (rank may have changed since then, or individual may have retired or left service). Some members were not in active service when they were inducted.

To read the biography of any of these HOF members (as written when they were inducted), go to our HOF page and click on the induction year for each one. The HOF event book for each class contains all the biographies for that year, including the veterans featured here.