Blended Genre assignment

College Composition

Final project


For our final unit this year, you will prepare a video presentation on a topic of your choice.  You will have the opportunity to design your own topic and organization. Instead of focusing on a specific format, you will synthesize the genres we have studied this year. As always, you will provide a clear focus, logical organization, and thorough development.  Any research you use should be properly documented.


TOPIC - Choose a topic you are passionate about and want to investigate more and share.  It may be connected to a previous assignment, but you cannot just use that paper.  


GENRE - While there is no specific genre assigned, your presentation should include a blend of some of the genres (narrative, observation, expository, evaluation, argumentation, and problem solution).  Be sure to consider the elements of each genre as you include it in the paper.


REQUIREMENTS - In preparation for your final project, you will be turning in the following:

  • Paper proposal - 4/11
  • Annotated bibliography 4/16
  • Detailed outline/script with Works Cited 4/23
  • Final presentation for peer edit 4/29
  • Audience grade / feedback

FINAL PRODUCT - You will a four to six minute video presentation on your topic.  We will present in a format similar to our book talks first semester.  Everyone will present to small groups allowing time for discussion.

ASSESSMENT - Your project will be assessed with the same rubric used for argumentative papers.

  • Focus - Even though your paper will include a variety of genres, it should still have a clear focus.
  • Organization - Organize your paper to fit your purpose.
  • Development - Include a variety of genres and modes to support your topic.  Find images relevant to your purpose.
  • Complexity - Show that you have a full understanding of the topic including complications and opposing views.
  • Style
  • Correctness
  • References - Acknowledge your sources in final credits.