SPARK! A New Way to Connect to Your School

What is Spark?

Spark! provides high school students in the Parkway School District with dynamic, immersion-based student learning experiences to ensure students can understand and respond to an ever-changing world.

How did Spark begin?

Over the years we've seen students leave their four-year HS experience and try a select a major/ journey through college and students are faced with making decisions that will impact their entire life ahead with little to no real-world experience in an industry. We've seen the need for students to develop a passion for a career or next step, not just a wondering hope that maybe they will enjoy the path chosen. Spark directly interrupts and educates students at this level in an experiential way.

Why is Spark such an important part of our school district?

Spark! is an example of how business, community and public education can partner to produce personalized learning experiences that educate the workforce of the future, especially in high skill, high demand jobs.

Spark! is driven by the evolving need of our global community, therefore instructors, business and community partners work collaboratively to develop all course curriculum.

The Spark! program is grounded in profession-based learning relying heavily on strong partnerships with business, industry and post-secondary institutions. Emphasis is placed on developing professional and ethical skills which employers deem highly important to career success, such as project management, time management, teamwork, and creativity, as well as empathy, communication and community activism.

What organizations or businesses does Spark collaborate with today?

Students today can access programming in Engineering, Technology, Teaching and learning, Bioscience, sports medicine, and health sciences. Collaborations with Maryville University, SLU, Missouri State, Washington University, and Lindenwood University all are accessible to students.

How can you get involved in Spark?

Parkway School District will actively engage and work collaboratively with business partners, community service and educational leaders to design and develop mutually beneficial learning experiences based on the interests of students and stakeholders. Below is a list of ways alumni both in the St. Louis region and around the world can partner to grow the Spark! programming.

  • Mentor a student for day (guest speaker, shadow day, etc)
  • Host students for an internship
  • Judge competitions of student projects throughout the school year
  • Make connections! Students need to connect with individuals who may work in an industry they are seeking experiential learning or an opportunity within.
  • Give toward a scholarship for a student in Spark!
  • Provide space for learning
  • Sponsoring an upcoming event

Who are some of the students succeeding in Spark today?

Featured here (in this video), students co-founded a business and are prototyping a product to help kids manage anxiety and depression.

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