A Story for Generations

Where Two Worlds Meet: Deanna Shoss


When grandchildren are young, a sweet treat or new toy is enough to inspire their unconditional adoration. And then they become teenagers. Suddenly it’s not so easy anymore, for you or them. Where Two Worlds Meet: A Guide to Connecting with Your Teenage Grandchildren is a new book that gives grandparents a roadmap to stay connected and even deepen your relationship with your grandchildren as you both age written by our very own Parkway Alumni! It is an action-focused guide by Social Worker and community leader Jerry Witkovsky and marketer and interculturalist Deanna Shoss - North '81. The book provides insight and guidance on how grandparents can better understand life through their teenage grandchild’s eyes.


With the ongoing mental health crisis amongst teenagers, the role of grandparents, a supportive role, helps teens realize they aren’t alone and have additional advocates for their health and wellbeing.


Where Two Worlds Meet looks at grandparenting through an intergenerational lens. The book recognizes that the world grandparents grew up in differs from the one we live in today. “Open yourself to your grandchildren,” Witkovsky and Shoss say. “Experience the world as they see it, and don’t be afraid to let them into your world too.”


Each chapter of Where Two Worlds Meet focuses on an action item that grandparents can take, from how to engage in storytelling about life’s milestone events, to leaving a legacy of values. Forgiveness and reconciliation with the generation in between, your grandchild’s parents, is also a critical component that’s covered in the book.


When grandparents and grandchildren become closer, all three generations benefit. “A thriving, powerful family is about multidirectional relationships between grandchildren, parents, and grandparents, and how all of us can connect more deeply,” Witkovsky says. “It’s not just the elders of the group who have something to share, but every member of the family.”


Shoss is a long-time marketer, intercultural author, researcher, and founder/CEO of Intercultural Talk, Inc., a marketing firm that provides digital, intercultural, and real-life strategies and tactics for non-digital natives–aka did not grow up with technology. Shoss hosts the weekly live stream show, Intercultural Spark, inviting guests to explore topics such as technology and how it serves people pursuing mission-driven businesses and life projects.


Shoss reflects from her time in Parkway, "Mrs. Eichorn and Dr. Stelmach - both brilliant educators who were always pushing me to go beyond where I ever thought I could have and to create new ideas... it's their support that began launching me down this journey of dreaming for the future and supporting the next generation."


learn more our purchase your copy here: wheretwoworldsmeet.com