Offer vs. Serve

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A school that is 'serve only' gives every component to every student purchasing a reimbursable meal.

A school that practices 'Offer Vs. Serve' offers every component to students as part of a reimbursable meal, but students are allowed to reject up to 2 components and still have a reimbursable meal. For a reimbursable meal, a student must take at least one serving of fruit or vegetable and 2 other components. We are practicing offer vs. serve in the Parkway school district, apart from “breakfast bags” and PK meals.

Why participate in Offer Vs. Serve?

The purpose of offer vs. serve is to reduce plate waste and allow students a choice in what they wish to have for breakfast and lunch. However, the student may take every component offered.

If your child is leaving lunch feeling hungry, encourage them to take all five components to satisfy their appetite!