Current Issues / Pro-Con

  • CQ Researcher
    Original, comprehensive reports on issues in the news; pro-con essays from experts.

    Discovery Education
    Educational videos, images, audio clips, resource materials, and much more to meet your digital media needs.

    Global Issues in Context
    International viewpoints on a broad spectrum of global issues, topics, and current events.

    Issues and Controversies
    Provides in-depth and objective coverage of issues impacting today's society. Good for pro/con research.

    SIRS Researcher
    Delivers the pros and cons on today's complex social issues.

    EBSCOHost Databases
    Search the following EBSCOHost Databases for current magazines and newspapers on almost all topics: MAS Ultra, MasterFile Premier, Newspaper Source.

    Student Resources in Context
    Broad coverage of diverse topics. Includes biographies, science, history, literature, geography and more.