• Mrs. McClanahan’s MOSAICS

    Oak Brook Elementary

    Gifted Evaluation, Identification and Programming:  Parkway’s MOSAICS program offers a spectrum of services for a discreet segment of high ability and high achieving students.  The process for assessing the appropriateness of gifted programming for students includes evaluating a variety of data.  Missouri's criteria for gifted identification includes collecting data from 4 areas:  cognitive, academic achievement, creativity, reasoning, and problem solving, and a fourth category which provides each school district with the flexibility to assess specifically for the area in which programming occurs. 

    Parkway evaluates students on a variety of data points in each of the 4 areas.

    Assessments administered within the last two years will be utilized during the evaluation process for gifted identification.

    Applicable assessments from previous school districts or those obtained privately will be included in Parkway's gifted evaluation process. 

    MOSAICS service minutes range from 150-220 minutes per week depending on the grade level and the current caseload.

    All 1st grade students are exposed to critical and creative thinking skills lessons taught by the gifted specialist through a push-in format throughout the school year.  Additionally, all 1st grade students are universally screened for MOSAICS.  Those students meeting all the criteria for identifcation will begin formal, pull out MOSAICS gifted services in 2nd grade.  

    Additional “guest” students (Level 2) demonstrating high ability and high academic classroom performance (not formally identified for state assisted MOSAICS Level 3) may be considered for participation on a year by year basis in certain aspects of the program including, but not limited to Math Olympiad, Word Masters, Equations, and Flex Enrichment.  These students are not formal MOSAICS students.  They are exposed to unique enrichment opportunities that build on individual strength areas.

    Curriculum:  The Level 3 MOSAICS Curriculum centers around 5 major areas:  Research, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Affective Development and Leadership.

    All grade levels focus on developing and deepening problem solving skills through weekly math and logic work.  Effective communication skill development is embedded in all curricular activities.  Grades 2-5 engage in various research units throughout the year.

    The primary grades utilize the Primary Education Thinking Skills (PETS) series to develop higher level thinking skills.  Using a systemized and diagnostic thinking skills program that follows the taxonomy of Benjamin Bloom, students focus on a specific type of thinking throughout the year.

    The intermediate grades develop effective presentation skills, engage in higher level math skill work, and also participate in various academic competitions.

    All students continually assess and reflect upon their learning, pushing themselves to take on new and challenging learning each week.