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    BEAUTIFICATION: (Year-round) Assist with maintaining planting, weed-removing, garden maintenance and general landscaping on HW grounds. Assistance is needed with watering plants during the summer.
    Volunteers are needed during the day, evening and/or weekends.

    BINGO NIGHT: (Spring) Fun new event coming to Hanna Woods. Committee members help plan with lots of volunteers needed night of event.

    BOOK FAIR: (Fall and Spring) Assist with set-up, selling and/or taking down book displays. Daytime and evening help needed.

    FIELD DAY: (Spring, School Day) Assist with running stations that students rotate thru with teachers. All day event, with shifts for volunteers.

    FIFTH GRADE EVENT PLANNING: (Year-round) Plan and execute all 5th grade events, open to 5th grade parents. Events – Graduation, 5th Grade Party, 5th Grade Talent Show, 5th Grade Legacy Project.

    GENERAL VOLUNTEERS: to be contacted when events/happenings at Hanna Woods are in need of volunteers. Commit to volunteering on a case by case basis, depending on the volunteer needs and you 

    HOSPITALITY: (Fall during conferences, and other times throughout year) Help prepare and serve meals to teachers and staff 1-4 times a year. Also includes set-up or cleaning. Parents are asked to bring food items either made or store-bought.

    HOT DOG ROAST: (May - school hours needed) Committee members needed to help plan the event and volunteers are needed during the day to assist with set-up, cooking, serving and clean-up.

    PARENT HELPERS: Generally want to help classroom teachers on an as needed basis, could be specifically your child’s teacher or other teachers and staff in the building. May include cutting out, assembling, or
    sorting materials for teacher/student use throughout the school year.

    PARTY COMMITTEE: (Fall and Spring school hours) Committee members needed to help plan and help with the day. *New Chair Needed

    TASTE OF HANNA: (Spring Semester, evening) Celebrating the Cultures of the Hanna Woods Community, this event requires parents to make traditional dishes to share on the night of the event. Parents and students are also invited to showcase talents/dances/cultural experiences.

    TEACHER/STAFF APPRECIATION: Show the teachers and staff how much they mean to parents and students. Volunteers arrange quarterly tokens of appreciation to be distributed using a budget supplied by the PTO. Help is also needed with planning Teacher Appreciation Day/Week during the first week of May. For this event, items may need to be donated.

    TRIVIA NIGHT: (September) Committee members needed to help plan, lots of volunteers needed the night of event. Trivia Night event for adults with Silent Auction, 50/50, and other games.

    TRUNK OR TREAT: (October) Assist with planning and executing Hanna Woods Trunk or Treat. Volunteers are needed for evening and weekend hours. *New Co-Chair Needed

    WINTER STORY NIGHT: (December) Assist with set-up, cleanup, refreshments, and craft activity at this cozy, fun winter event. Volunteer time should total about two hours in the evening. *New Chair Needed

    YEARBOOK DESIGN: (monthly meeting year-round) The Yearbook design committee works together to plan and create the layout of the yearbook. Help our yearbook sparkle and fully represent the Hanna Woods Community with your innovative ideas and organizational skills!

    YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER COMMITTEE: (Year-round) Bring your cameras/cell phones and be present at Hanna Woods throughout the school year to capture the student's enjoyment! Utilize your creative ideas and help make the yearbook full of fun student and staff candid photos at recess, field trips, and school events!

    Other opportunities may arise during the school year and we look forward to welcoming and including everyone in our Hanna Woods School Community!