• PTO Dollars At Work








    Books for the library

    Electric sign

    Book carousels for the library

    Technology for the classrooms (Chromebooks & tablets)

    Audio visual system in the gymnasium

    2 Stand up desks for Mrs. Finch’s classroom

    $215 for craft supplies for Kindergarten

    Books for every classroom


    Cushioned seats for the library


    22 Hoki stools -Ergonomic Active Seating

    Butterfly Garden

     $500 for various classroom books for  1st Grade 





    Sensory tool kits for every grade

    Playground / recess equipment for every grade

     $300 for various classroom books for 2nd grade

    Emergency Preparedness




    Cubbies for 1st Grade

    3 Hanna Woods benches

     $300 for Etch a Sketch and Magna Tiles for Art

    Choir t-shirts




    BBQ grill

    Classroom teacher start up packages

     $300 for flexible seating for 5th Grade

    Winter Story Night




    Popcorn maker

    Landscape maintenance

     22 Hokki stools

    End of Year Picnic




     B2S BBQ Entertainment

    Parties (Fall & Spring) $2000

     Classroom teacher start up packages

    Staff appreciation & recognition





    5th Grade Celebration


    Staff dinner (hospitality)





     $350 5th Grade Legacy Start up


    Staff life events





     Coffee urns for Winter Story Night







     Rug for library


    $340 Kindergarten materials


    8 sets of scoop chairs & 18 stools for 1st Grade


    Counseling $1900 for materials


    Flexible seating for three 4th grade classrooms


    4th grade field trip


    OT / PT $300 for material

              Microphone system for music room  
              ABA $1400 for material  
              ABA Speech / Language $300 for puzzles and games  
              4 sets of pop up soccer goals  
              New picnic table for intermediate playground  
              Couch & flexible seating for Library  
              $250 added to Emergency backpacks  
              B2S BBQ Entertainment  

     Electric Sign  Library Rug   Bench  Benches