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    Bellerive Elementary School is one of 18 Elementary Schools in the Parkway School District. 
    Our school services over 400 students of diverse cultures and puts a strong emphasis on learning, relationships, and leadership.  While learning is the main mission at Bellerive, we are a Leader in Me Lighthouse school and students are also provided with a variety of leadership opportunities that encourage them to be a well-rounded citizen.  Students are expected to work to their fullest potential while being encouraged and supported by our caring staff.

  • Youth | Angleton First United Methodist Church

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    Main Office Number: 314. 415. 6050 

    Attendance Reporting Line: 314. 415. 6076 

    Nurse’s Number: 314. 415. 6060 

    Parkway Transportation Office: 314. 415. 8400 

    Voluntary Transfer Student Transportation Office: 314. 721. 8657 

    Principal: Dr. Jami DeBosch ~ 314.415. 6051 

    Assistant Principal: Dr. Alexis Luecke ~ 314.415. 6053