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    The mission of the South Middle Library is to aid in our students' academic development to become successful independent researchers/evaluators/users of information, lifelong readers, and future-ready.




    The library is located in room 2600 at the rear of the eighth-grade hallways.

    The library is open before school from 8:05-8:20.

    Food, gum, and drinks are NOT allowed in the library. There is a drinking fountain at both library entrances if you are thirsty.

    Students MUST sign in and out when visiting the library on a pass during the school day. The sign-in sheet is located above the book return at the circulation desk by the west entrance to the library.

    Students should use whisper voices when talking in the library.

    No running or horseplay.

    Take care of our library materials. Do not dogear book pages, and keep all borrowed materials away from liquids and food. 

    Water bottles should be empty when stowed in book bags, so that library books and textbooks are not damaged by water.  Water damaged books must be replaced as pages mold. 

    Comfortable furniture is in the library for you to sit on.  Do not lay on the furniture.  Shoes should be kept off the furniture.

    Special care should be taken to ensure that books are neatly returned to the correct locations on the shelves.  The library has shelf markers for students to use. Shelf markers are in a clear plastic tub on the information table near the circulation desk. 

    Students should not push books to the back of the shelves as they fall off the back of the shelves and/or get "lost" behind the other books.

    Books may be requested from other schools.  See Mrs. Sanders or Mrs. Higgins to request a book from another school. 

    Magazines are organized alphabetically by title on the periodical shelf below the library television.  Students should return magazines to their proper locations after reading them.  Current issues of magazines on the periodical shelf may not be checked out.  Back issues may be checked out. These are on the lower shelf below the new issues.   




    Tell Mrs. Sanders or Mrs. Higgins your name when you come up to the circulation desk to check out a book.  Eventually we will know you by name.  Be patient with us; we have 600 + names to learn.  :-)

    • A 6th grade student may check out two books at a time as long as the student has no lost book fines. 
    • A 7th grade student may check out three books at a time as long as the student has no lost book fines.
    • An 8th grade student may check out four books at a time as long as the student has no lost book fines.

    A note on fines-- Fines travel with you through high school. High school students who have book fines are not allowed to purchase tickets to high school events until all fines are paid.


    Library Staff Contact Information...


    Librarian:  Mrs. Jodie Sanders

    B. S. Secondary Education 1991, University of Missouri, Columbia

    M. A. Secondary Education--Curriculum and Instruction 1999, University of Missouri, St. Louis

    L. I. S. graduate work, University of Missouri, Columbia

    Phone:  314-415-7232      josanders@parkwayschools.net


    Library Secretary (periods 4 and 5 only):  Mrs. Bonnie Higgins

    Phone:  314-415-7208   mhiggens@parkwayschools.net

     Circulation Desk:  314-415-7231