Gracing the walls of Central Middle, the PCMS Achievement Forest recognizes outstanding Parkway Central Middle School students.  

    The award was created by a Central Middle student in 1994.  That student noticed there were several recognition programs that identified excellence among students in a variety of areas, but was surprised that there was no formal means of distinguishing students who were just all-around terrific people. So, in conjunction with the staff at Central Middle, the Achievement Forest award was created.     

    This award recognizes students that display perseverance, self-confidence, motivation, compassion, and responsibility.  Central Middle teachers identify students in our school that show strong and commendable development of their personal character.  

    When creating the award, the committee chose a tree to be the incarnation of the award because a forest is forever.  Symbolically, a forest represents your personality in many ways- a forest is rich and diverse, beautiful and deep.  A tree is planted in honor of the recipients’ deeds, personalities, and contributions to the world that will add a distinct beauty to the earth.  A tree is also painted on the wall of the school, with names of other recipients of the Achievement Forest award prominently displayed.