•  The goal of our Purple Envelope Campaign is to raise money that will help to support our scholars and staff at Northeast Middle School. Our goal this year is to raise $8,000.

    What does the Northeast Middle School PTO do with this money? The majority of the funds go to grant teacher requests for materials and resources to help enhance their curriculum and enrich your child’s experience.

    How much should you give? In the past, most donations were $10 per scholar, but PTO has also received as little as $5 and as much as $500. You decide. It all adds up. If your employer matches donations, please send in a completed matching request form. We will fill in the organization information and request the matching funds from your employer.

    What’s the catch? No catch. It’s just the easiest and simplest fundraising you’ll ever do. All the money collected-100%- goes to benefit your children and their school, AND your contribution is tax deductible. It’s a fundraiser you can feel good about.

    It’s the “Purple Envelope Campaign”.