• Introduction

    Middle school years can be best characterized by the nature of the transition and changes experienced during early adolescence. Intellectual, physical, social, emotional, attitudinal, and moral changes are highlighted by their rapidity, frequently, and overlap. Physical growth spurts, variations in cognitive development and increasing social expectations characterize a few of the changes adolescents face. In middle school, we do our very best to develop procedures and systems to support this phase of scholar’s educational journey.

    Therefore, each grade-level has three teams: Purple, Red, and Silver. Teams are comprised of core academic classes together (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies). In sixth grade, scholars attend an outdoor camp where they get to enjoy team building activities, celebrate their successes together, and learn more about each other. In addition, two periods a day are dedicated to elective courses to help scholars explore areas of personal interest.

    At Northeast Middle School, there are three grade-level administrators who are responsible for supporting the entire operation of one grade-level. As an administrative team, we all strive to get to know each scholar and their family. By focusing on building relationships, ensuring each scholar matters, and making every moment count, we are here to help our scholars achieve their goals and to dream big.

    6th Grade Teams

    6th Grade Achieve Ms. Dillon (ELA), Ms. Huddleston (ELA), Ms. Rankin (Math), Mrs. Gilligan (Science), Mr. Waldron (Social Studies)

    6th Grade Inspire Mr. Marino (ELA), Mr. Kelly (Social Studies), Ms. Dohrmann (Math), Ms. Devenport (Science)

    6th Grade Believe  Ms. Holt (ELA), Ms. Wendt (ELA), Mr. Herndon (Math), Ms. Johnson (Science), Ms. Thornberry (Social Studies)

    7th Grade Teams

    7th Grade Achieve  Ms. Ross (ELA), Ms. Klein (ELA), Ms. Dolan (Math), Ms. Rettenmaier (Science), Ms. Drace (Social Studies)

    7th Grade Believe  Ms. Farer (ELA), Ms. Barresi (ELA), Ms. Epstein (Math), Mr. Spellicy (Science), Ms. Schumacher (Social Studies)

    7th Grade Inspire  Ms. Lucas (ELA), Ms. Nikodym (Math), Ms. Mosley (Science), Ms. Brennan (Social Studies)

    8th Grade Teams

    8th Grade Achieve  Ms. Dicker (ELA), Mr. Maue (ELA), Mr. Hilpert (Math), Ms. Brown (Science), Mr. Muszalski (Social Studies)

    8th Grade Believe  Ms. Hermann (ELA), Ms. Hinton (ELA), Mr. Deckert (Math), Ms. Huskey (Science), Mr. Smith (Social Studies)

    8th Grade Imagine  Mrs. McComb (ELA), Ms. Freiberger (Math), Mr. Chiodini (Science), Ms. Buenger (Social Studies)