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    This is a challenging time for our entire society.  We are all likely experiencing concern for ourselves and our loved ones. During this emergency closure, there is no way to fully replicate an at-school experience within an online learning environment, nor should we try to do so. As we activate eLearning for Parkway students, our goals are:

    • keep students connected to learning experiences during a prolonged school closure
    • provide some normalcy for students through engagement in learning activities and relationships with their teachers

    During this time students and teachers will not be expected to follow their normal schedule or be online for a full day of learning. Instead, the vast majority of the work will involve students learning at their own pace and the flexibility to complete assignments at a time that works best for their families. 

    Parkway began eLearning on Wednesday, March 25 and will continue through the end of the school year, May 21, 2020.

    Parkway Schools: Grading During COVID-19 Closure

    As with our learning experiences, we cannot replicate our usual grading and reporting practices while students are expected to learn from home.  Given our focus on the well-being of our people, the unequal access to technology and learning supports, and the numerous other challenges associated with learning from home, as long as our school buildings are closed, our grading and reporting practices must:

    • Ensure students are not penalized for situations outside their ability to control.
    • Allow learning of previously taught material to continue and grades to reflect that learning.
    • Promote student engagement in learning of and exposure to essential skills throughout the closure.

    During this time, many districts across the region are adopting a “hold harmless” approach to grading, in which student grades can go up during the closure, but not down. Others are moving to standards-based approaches for the rest of the year. And still others are tracking work completion for feedback but not grades. Regardless of the approach, nearly all our neighboring districts recognize the challenges we face call for a substantially modified approach to grading practices, and Parkway is no different.

    Grading Plan for Grades K-5

    For elementary learners, our focus will be on providing helpful feedback during our eLearning.  To that end, and in an effort to ensure an equitable approach for all students, the following will be in place:

    • eLearning: Focus will be placed on priority standards for ELA and Math during the eLearning period.
      • In most instances, focus will be on continuing to improve already introduced skills and activities students can do “independently.” In most grades and content areas, the priority standards have already been introduced by this time of the year.
      • When new standards need to be introduced, the activities will be designed for exposure and guided practice, mastery is not expected. 
      • In Science and Social Studies, work will focus on skills of scientists and social scientists that students have been learning throughout the school year. 
        • Feedback from teachers could encourage students to self-reflect, ask and answer questions on the previously taught unit topics, make observations made in the real world, as well as their personal interests.  
      • Common tools (provided by curriculum coordinators) for ongoing student self-assessment and teacher feedback will be utilized to promote continued growth in priority areas.
    • Progress Reports: Progress Reports will not be completed for the 3rd trimester. Teachers will provide ongoing feedback on identified essential skills.
    • District Assessments:
      • All district assessments (ELA Benchmarks, Math Benchmarks, F&P) will be suspended for the remainder of the year.
      • End-of-Year Benchmarks will be moved to the beginning of next school year. This will allow teachers to use the data to identify starting points for all students in 2020-2021 and encourage continued learning and practice for the remainder of the year.

    Grading Plan for Grades 6-12

    Based on all the considerations discussed above, the impact of grades earned during the eLearning period will be minimized. To accomplish this:

    • eLearning: You will soon see a grading category in Infinite Campus called “eLearning”
      • All new work and learning activities completed during the extended closure will be entered in Infinite Campus in the “eLearning” category.
      • eLearning will count for five percent of a student’s semester grade.
      • Specific details related to handling the eLearning category in Infinite Campus are being developed and will be shared as soon as possible.
      • Note: There may be a need to modify the above approach for dual credit or dual enrollment coursework based on college and university guidance.
    • Improving Grades from Prior to Spring Break: In order to improve their grades, students will have the opportunity to complete, revise, or use alternative ways to demonstrate mastery of learning that occurred prior to Spring Break.  Work submitted, resubmitted, or created for this purpose should be entered in the original category in which it was assigned.
    • Posting Grades: While teachers will continue entering information in Infinite Campus, given this unusual time, teachers will not be asked to post grades for Term 5.
    • Growth Measures: Growth measures will be suspended and excluded from summative evaluations completed in Spring 2021.

    If a teacher is aware of challenges associated with access, supports, family/home challenges, or other equity issues that may impact a student’s ability to complete work, they should freeze the student’s grade where it was prior to the start of eLearning. Please contact counselors, social workers, care coordinators, and/or administrators when such an issue arises. In addition to teachers holding a student harmless, principals may also apply this to a student’s grades should they be aware of such a situation.

    Tips for Managing eLearning at Home

    In an eLearning environment, students will need to practice a different set of skills to complete work and not take steps backwards during a prolonged period away from school. Here are some tips that will help families and students to manage and be successful in a digital learning environment.

    • Manage your time - Be conscious and realistic of the time that it will take to complete tasks assigned to you by your teachers. Set aside consistent time each day to complete your school work and be diligent in that time. 
    • Stay connected with your teachers - Your teachers will be posting work and providing assignments and feedback on a daily basis. Stay connected by logging into Schoology and checking your email daily. All communications will now be digital so be sure to keep up your end.
    • Take regular breaks - Build in breaks to the time that you have set aside for your school work. It's important to stay active and keep to a regular sleep schedule during this time. 
    • Limit distractions - During that time you have set aside, it may be necessary to create a workspace free from distractions. We all work differently but if it seems like tasks are taking a long time, implement strategies like finding a quiet place to complete your work and turning off social media notifications can go a long way to helping with focus.
    • Find time to be social - eLearning can be isolating and it's important to find and create opportunities to be social, even if it's using digital tools like Google Meet. 
    • Set goals - One of the most effective strategies for eLearning is to set and keep track of goals. Many of your teachers will create checklists to help you keep track of your assignments. Use these as a way to track your time and set goals for completion.

    eLearning Through Schoology

    During this emergency closure, Schoology will serve as our eLearning platform for Parkway courses.

    • Using Schoology as our single point of access provides consistency for our Parkway families so you have one place to go for all of your classes. 
    • All Parkway teachers and students have Schoology accounts and upon logging in can see all their courses. From their Schoology course, students will be able to access any materials and resources needed to complete work. If your teacher uses a different platform (Clever, Google Classroom, website, etc.) they will link from Schoology to that platform and give your students instruction for access to materials. 
    • Parents can also access Schoology to see what work their child has been assigned. 

    Refer to the directions below for directions on how to get started with Schoology and tips and recommendations for eLearning days.

    As Parkway implements eLearning days to provide instruction using the Schoology platform, all Parkway teachers and students have Schoology accounts and upon logging in can see all their courses. From their Schoology course, students will be able to access any materials and resources needed to complete work in this unusual time. All grades for secondary students will still be entered in Infinite Campus.

    Logging into Schoology with a Parkway Chromebook:

    • Bookmark the site by clicking on the star at the end of the address bar
    • Login using your Parkway Google Account
    • Click on the “Courses” menu to see a list of your assigned course

    Courses menu

    • Click on a course to open it and find classroom materials. Learning resources and activities will be available in the center column of the page
    • Your teacher will share specific information about how to access the materials and activities needed for your class. This could include external tools like Clever, Google Classroom, Flipgrid or other digital tools.

    Logging into Schoology with a personal device:

    • Using the Chrome browser, go to www.google.com and click "Sign in" in the upper right hand corner
    • Enter your Parkway Google email and password
    • Go to Schoology at schoology.parkwayschools.net
    • Click on the "SSO Login" link on the login page
      SSO Login

    • Search for "Parkway School District"

      School District
    • Choose your Parkway Google account from the list
    • Click on the “Courses” menu to see a list of your assigned course

    Courses menu

    • Click on a course to open it and find classroom materials. Learning resources and activities will be available in the center column of the page
    • Your teacher will share specific information about how to access the materials and activities needed for your class. This could include external tools like Clever, Google Classroom, Flipgrid or other digital tools.

    Step by Step Tutorials for Accessing Schoology

    Elementary Students


    Secondary Students 


    Downloading the Schoology App for Your Mobile Device

    If you are using a mobile device, Parkway recommends downloading the Schoology App for your Android or Apple device. Search for Schoology in the Google Play or Apple App store.

    When you login be sure you select "Parkway School District" and login with your Parkway Google account. Do NOT select your individual school.

    Schoology FAQs

    As a parent, how can I adjust the notifications I get from Schoology?
    Click here for directions on changing your Schoology notification settings.

    Technology Support for Students

    • For technical support parents and students can email the helpdesk at helpdesk@parkwayschools.net or call 314-415-8181.
    • We recognize that not all students have a reliable to the internet or a device. We are working hard to make sure that all student technology needs are met. A number of services have recently been made available to help address these needs. 
      • Charter will offer free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have a Spectrum broadband subscription at any service level up to 100 Mbps. To enroll call 1-844-488-8395. Installation fees will be waived for new student households.
      • Additional student internet and computer resources and offers can be found at everyoneon.org
      • Parkway has a limited number of wifi hotspots we will be checking out to students in need. To request a Parkway device please complete this form. A member of Parkway's Technology staff will contact you regarding next steps. 

    Printable Resources

    Handout for logging into Schoology for Students - PDF

    Joining a Google Meet with a Link for Students - PDF

    Joining a Google Meet with a Nickname for Elementary Students - PDF

    Logging into Clever - PDF

    Logging into a Parkway Tablet (K-1 students) - PDF

    Practicing Citizenship in a Virtual World - PDF

    Additional Resources - updated 3/31 12:30pm

    Discovery Education - The Daily DE features a grade-band appropriate learning activity for every day of the week, including printable resources. From digital interactives to virtual field trips to fun science experiments and more, these daily activities are great for keeping the learning going at home and do not require a login.

    Nine PBS Educator and Caregiver Toolkit - From the local St. Louis area PBS station

    Scholastic Learn at Home - Day-by-day projects from Scholastic



  • How will these eLearning days be communicated?

    Posted by:

    Should an unexpected emergency occur, notification of eLearning days will be notified at the earliest possible convenience. The district will communicate in all the manners it normally does for inclement weather and emergency responses including but not limited to: Social media, Email, Phone call, Text and through the Parkway App. 

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  • How would an eLearning Day look for my child?

    Posted by:

    In this emergency closure, families will receive a notification from either their building principal and/or teacher that would provide instructions on classwork/projects/activities to be completed on this day through the Schoology platform.  Anything completed on the eLearning day should be handed in and logged in Schoology.

    During our initial closure, elementary students will be assigned at most 15 minutes of work per subject area per day. Middle and high school students will be assigned at most 90 minutes of work per subject area per week. 

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  • What is the focus of our eLearning day?

    Posted by:

    The focus of eLearning days can be to review and reinforcement of previously taught skills, introduce new concepts or extend the learning.

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  • What if I am sick and unable to participate in eLearning?

    Posted by:

    If you are unable to complete your work in the time assigned due to illness, contact your teacher(s) and let them know when it will be completed.

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  • The Parkway School District will utilize the following eLearning experiences:

    Posted by:

    Due to our emergency closure, Parkway teachers will utilize a variety of instructional strategies including:

    - Independent practice and application of previously taught concepts

    - App or web-based software to teach/reinforce concepts

    - Virtual instruction 

    - Assigned reading, study or activity to introduce new concepts

    - Reinforcement of learning through games, family interaction or structured experiences

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  • What if my child has an Individualized Education Plan and/or a 504 plan?

    Posted by:

    The Parkway School District assures that the instructional plan for eLearning days for students with disabilities will follow each student’s individualized education program (IEP) and/or a 504 plan, to the greatest extent possible, according to the guidance from the U.S. Department of Education:

    “If an LEA continues to provide educational opportunities to the general student population during a school closure, the school must ensure that students with disabilities also have equal access to the same opportunities, including the provision of FAPE. (34 CFR §§ 104.4, 104.33 (Section 504) and 28 CFR § 35.130 (Title II of the ADA)). SEAs, LEAs, and schools must ensure that, to the greatest extent possible, each student with a disability can be provided the special education and related services identified in the student’s IEP developed under IDEA, or a plan developed under Section 504. (34 CFR §§ 300.101 and 300.201 (IDEA), and 34 CFR § 104.33 (Section 504))”

    Parents, if you have specific questions regarding an IEP please contact your child's caseworker or SSD area coordinator. If you have specific questions regarding your child's 504 plan please contact your child's assistant principal.

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  • Is the expectation that my child will be on their device all day to complete work?

    Posted by:

    No. While there might be classwork to be completed on a device, portions of the day would be intended to have learners complete activities that are NOT on devices.

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  • How will teachers and other certified personnel be available to communicate with students?

    Posted by:

    Teachers will be available to communicate with students through a variety of means. Teachers will schedule one hour daily office hours and be available to answer any questions students may have. In addition, they will be available via the following methods.

    - Email

    - Messaging/chat through learning management system

    - Messaging through other electronic means (Remind, Google Meet, etc.)

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  • During eLearning days, how will students without internet complete their work?

    Posted by:

    The technology department is working to provide families without internet access hot spots to use for school work upon request. To make a request for devices or internet access, please fill out this form. Each teacher will communicate to their class and to parents through the Schoology platform giving directions for their specific class using the expectations above.  

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  • On eLearning days, the Parkway School District will use the following types of materials:

    Posted by:

    During this emergency closure, Parkway teachers will primarily use digital tools and resources for students to access. This will include the Google Suite of tools as well as digital textbooks, databases and other resources. Teachers will include directions for accessing these resources on the class pages inside of Schoology. Directions for accessing Schoology can be found above.


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