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About Virtual Campus

  • Parkway Virtual Campus is a fully online option for families that would like their students to take classes in a virtual format.

    The goal of Parkway Virtual Campus is to provide a quality Parkway education to students through the Parkway curriculum and facilitated by Parkway's high-quality teaching staff.

    Parkway Virtual Campus utilizes both synchronous and asynchronous learning for delivery of instruction. The terms synchronous and asynchronous are widely used in education but may be new for many students and parents. When learning is synchronous, all students are learning together doing the same thing at the same time. Think synchronized swimming when the team is all together. This can include live video conferencing, chatting, and live-streaming lessons. Asynchronous is learning when the teacher and students are doing work at different times. During asynchronous learning, teachers provide lessons, assignments, activities, etc. that students will be required to complete on their own time. Asynchronous learning is self-paced, more independent learning at the time most convenient for the student to complete assignments, homework, etc.

Contact Information

  • Dr. Jennifer Stanfill
    Director of Choice Programs
    (314) 415-8450