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    2022-2023 Virtual Campus!


    2022-2023 Parkway Virtual Campus for Elementary Students

    In November, we surveyed families of students in Parkway Virtual Campus to help us get a sense of how many students might continue learning virtually next school year. Thank you to everyone who responded.

    Approximately 35% of elementary families indicated they intended to continue learning online and 65% were planning to attend school in-person.

    Since we expect a smaller group of students for next year (about 300 students), there will be changes in the 2022-2023 school year in order to maintain a quality learning experience.

    There are two key things to know as you consider the best setting for your child:

    • Parkway Virtual Campus for elementary students will transition to St. Louis Virtual Campus
      • For the past several months, Parkway has been collaborating with other districts in St. Louis County to form a county-wide virtual program - St. Louis Virtual Campus.
      • St. Louis Virtual Campus will be based in Parkway, students will have a Parkway teacher and will use Parkway’s high quality curriculum and resources. Students will continue to use Schoology, Zoom and all Parkway tools.
      • This year, your child was in a class with students from across all Parkway schools. Next year, that will continue to be the case and there may also be students from neighboring St. Louis County school districts.  
      • This collaboration between school districts will allow Parkway students learning virtually to continue to have an excellent learning experience despite a smaller number of students.
    • Specials classes may be offered asynchronously
      • With an anticipated decline in enrollment, it may not be possible to have live (synchronous) instruction in areas such as Art, Music and PE.
      • There will still be a teacher assigned to students in each of these areas who will create student lessons and be available for student support.