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    As we look forward to the start of school, I realize many of you are nervous about the move to virtual learning. This newsletter intends to answer some of your questions and reassure you that the Green Trails team is working hard to be ready for your child.

    Learning online is obviously not our first choice, but we are also trying to balance the need for keeping our children and staff healthy with the need for their education. We are committed to providing a much improved virtual experience for families. Things will NOT look like they did in the spring, when teachers were not prepared and many had never engaged in online learning previously. 

    What is going to be different from last spring? Children will spend more of their day engaged in real time learning with their classroom teachers, specialists and intervention teachers. Please see SAMPLE elementary schedules here. These day-long schedules show the amount of time classroom teachers will be "live" with students. At other times, when students are doing more independent learning, reading specialists, gifted, and other staff will meet with students on their caseload. 

    Relationships continue to be a cornerstone of both academic achievement and positive social emotional outcomes at Green Trails.  How do we plan to build relationships in a virtual world? For starters, teachers will contact every student in the class within the first week to say hello and ensure students understand how to get online with their teacher and access material. Also as part of our practice, we spend the first few weeks getting to know our students individually, engaging in community building, and teaching the structures and routines of virtual learning. 

    We will need your help with this last piece.  What can you do to support your child? 
    - Set up a work area with writing surface, chair, proper lighting, tools for writing, paper and away from distractions like toys, tv or video games.
    - As adults we often get in a work frame of mind by getting dressed and brushing our teeth as if we are actually leaving the house and going to work.  A morning routine- breakfast, brushing teeth, and getting dressed can really help your child! Being comfortable is great, but make sure your child is out of bed when starting his/her day.

    Grade Level Teachers for 2020-2021:
    K- Mrs. Larson, Mrs. Mouser & Mrs. Maguire
    1- Miss Bell, Mrs. Bryant & Mrs. Cullman
    2- Mrs. Huffer, Mrs. Mullins & Mrs. Smith
    3- Mrs. Berger, Mrs. Boyle & Mrs. Holley
    4- Mrs. Hibbeler (formerly Miss Distel), Mrs. Schneiderman & Mrs. Simmons
    5- Mrs. Burkett, Mr. Hick, Mrs. Sauerbrunn & Mrs. Wolf 
    If you have questions about e-learning, please see the following for answers to your questions: https://sites.google.com/parkwayschools.net/familypage/home
    We will continue to update you with news as we receive it. We know this will be a challenge, but we also know with your partnership, we can do  it. 

    Again, thank you for all you do. 
    Rene :)