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    Those of you who know me, know that our community garden is a point of pride. Six years ago, a group of families got together and created a plan for a large produce garden. It was an ambitious effort, but over 100 volunteers and kids came out to get the job done.

    Remembering back to when I first joined GT, I remember children who when offered fresh pears, didn't know what they were. We then experimented by bringing in whole fruits and vegetables: eggplant, pineapple and bok choy, a Chinese lettuce that kids LOVE- (no ranch needed). We also found that when our kids experienced the joy of pulling a sweet potato from the ground or picking a tomato off the vine, they were more likely to try it when offered in the cafeteria. 

    The garden has been moved along by people who want their children to understand where our food comes from and how we can contribute to growing healthy and delicious produce that perhaps we've never tasted. 

    Our garden is in desparate need of repair and rebuilding. We are meeting on Saturday, Feb. 22nd to rebuild our beds and ensure the garden is there for the next ten years for your children

    Your help is requested, even if only for an hour. There will be things for the kids to do, and we could really use some adults who have some basic carpentry knowledge. Some of the tasks for that day:

    • Remove current hardware from wood
    • Replace wood borders for the beds
    • Hang the refurbished sign in a new location
    • Mount a cane to keep the gate from swinging out of control. 
    • Replace signage in various locations
    • Amend the soil with compost 
    • Create a barrier for rabbits around the bottom of the fence
    • Replant hoses
    • General clean up

    Have an interest? We are looking for parents to train slowly with hopes that enjoyment will take over and eventually, a willingness to oversee the garden. The PTO is committed and willing to help; they are willing to hire a service to take over weekly maintenance, such as edging and mowing.  

    Thank you as always for your support,
    Rene :)