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    Such strange times. 

    The news is flying at us from so many directions, but I am comforted by the warmth of the human spirit everywhere I look. My daily dog walks have turned into fulfilling ventures reminding me of the hope and positivity around us. There are new hellos from across the street, warm greetings from those who nodded in my direction previously, people stepping off sidewalks to respect space, and so many words of kindness and reassurance everywhere I look (see sidewalk chalk at right).  

    Spring is a busy time in the elementary school, but we are flexible when faced with the new challenges we are experiencing. Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans, right?

    Some updates:

    Please note that tomorrow’s technology dispersalat PCH is for families without at least one device who have reqeuested one through the email link sent to all families. Once each family has a device, the district will look at whether a second device for some is an option. The devices are being distributed for our community at Parkway Central High School. We do not have Chromebooks currently at GT; they were sent to PCH over the past few days.

    Unfortunately, at this time the district is not allowing caregivers into the school to pick up belongings. This is to ensure the safety of staff and those wishing to enter the building. We have been inundated by many such requests and at this time, it is just not possible to honor those requests.

    Medications are being given to parents tomorrow, Sunday to honor the “Stay at Home” mandate from local government. Please complete the form asap if you need to pick up medications: https://www.parkwayschools.net/domain/2413  You will be able to drive up between 11 and 2 tomorrow, call Mrs. Malik 314-415-6260, and your meds will be brought to your car. Please contact Mrs. Malik with an email kmalik@parkwayschools.net with questions.

    E-learning will start on Wednesday, though you may have been receiving ideas from teachers. Keep in mind none of this is mandatory; we are simply responding to your requests.

    Please see the following for answers to your questions:

    Look for another email with some links and more detailed information about the days ahead.

    Again, thank you for taking this situation seriously and doing all you do to keep our community safe and healthy.
    Take care, 

    Rene :)