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    The First Day

    What a perfect first day.  As a principal, one knows you are never supposed to say that exact phrase out loud, as you are literally tempting fate. However, I have to credit our staff, students and families for making the day the best in recent memory. 

    The kids were smiling. The teachers excited. The caregivers... well, some were happy, some sad, but everyone kept it together for the sake of their little ones. :) The storms even cleared up in just enough time to allow everyone to arrive without becoming drenched. 

    Ask your children how they got to know each other today, about "feeding the worms" at lunch, or what color their grade level playground balls are. 

    Thank you to those who donated breakfast items for the teachers' first day back and to UMGT for providing lunch last Thursday. 

    We are looking forward to another great year, and we can't do it without you. Thank you for your partnership!
    Rene :)