About Green Trails Elementary School

    170 Portico Drive, Chesterfield, MO 63017
    Dr. Erika Niles, Principal and Dr. Andrew Ging, Assistant-Principal
    Green Trails Mission
    Every person at Green Trails will belong without having to compromise who they are. 
    Core Values
    Our community, including children, caregivers, staff, and the surrounding community, had input into and decided upon 4 Core Values:   
    Belonging, Caring, Self-Control and Wonder
    Green Trails Vision

    At Green Trails, our vision is to cultivate an environment where children learn, socialize, and grow alongside their peers. We are dedicated to nurturing and empowering each child to become a successful and well-rounded adult. Through our commitment to fostering strong interpersonal skills and a deep sense of community, we aspire to equip our students with the tools and values necessary to engage productively and collaboratively with diverse individuals. By providing a foundation that nurtures both high levels of learning and social-emotional intelligence, we are shaping the leaders of tomorrow who will not only succeed but also positively impact and enrich the society in which we live.