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  • Destiny Discover for eBooks and eAudiobooks


    The Parkway School District Libraries are now providing Destiny Discover eBooks and eAudiobooks! Sign in with your student or staff login, and read or listen to the books on your device! See a librarian for help!

  • Sora App for eBooks and eAudiobooks

    Install the Sora App on your phone to search for and read eBooks and eAudiobooks!

    Sora app

  • Google VR and AR Expeditions

    VR Glasses

    The library has available for teacher check-out a Google Expeditions kit! Click Google Expeditions for a list of available VR and AR Google Expeditions! To reserve, simply email a librarian or schedule a time on the Google Calendar that was shared with you. Wondering what Google Expeditions are? Click here to learn more!