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    This school year, freshmen in Parkway high schools took a released version of the ACT. The purpose of taking the ACT as a freshman is to get to see the kinds of topics that will be on the official test, understand the format of ACT questions, and experience completing each section with ACT’s timing guidelines.  

    Freshmen were provided with feedback about their pacing on the test as well as the area within each subject where they answered the most questions correct. The released version of the ACT is not leveled for freshmen, and therefore students were not provided numeric scores (since those scores would not be valid predictors of how students will perform on the official ACT).  

    Even though the numeric scores for freshmen are not valid for predicting student success on the official ACT, if you would like to receive them for informational purposes, enter your child's seven-digit Parkway Student ID Number below. An email will be sent to **any and all guardian email addresses on file in Infinite Campus** for your child.
    Naviance, the electronic transcript submission tool used between high schools and colleges is closed between 6/1-8/8 as they transition to the new school year. The colleges will consider "date applied" as the date by which a student's application has been submitted.  There is no negative consequence for transcripts arriving later, as they know that the system is not available and that most schools are not yet in session to process requests.  A transcript may be sent before or after you submit the application, but should be sent along with all required documents (school report forms, letters of recommendation, etc.) and received prior to the deadline established by the college.



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