Choice Programming / College Credit Opportunities

  • SPARK! website

    The deadline to apply for SPARK! for the 2023-2024 school year is January 29, 2023

    Spark! offers experiential learning courses for students in grades 11-12 aligned to student career interests.  Students work on real-world projects with real-world industry leaders in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Teaching & Learning, Technology Solutions, Bioscience, Engineering, Sports Medicine and Health Sciences. Students must submit an online application to apply at

    In lieu of an in-person informational evening, we invite you to view this brief informational Spark! Overview video.  Most of our Spark! Programs also have brief informational videos that provide additional details about their specific strand:

    Pre-Professional Health Sciences Academy
    Sports Medicine
    Teaching & Learning 
    Technology Solutions

    EARLY COLLEGE website

    The deadline to apply for the Early College Partnership Program (ECP) for the 2023-2024 school year is January 29, 2023.

    The Early College program is a full-immersion, early entrance to college program located on the campuses of St. Louis Community College (STLCC) at Wildwood and/or Meramec.  Students attend the Early College for two years, replacing the junior and senior years of traditional high school. While in the program, students engage in a curriculum consisting of all college coursework taught by professors at STLCC.  Upon successful completion, students earn an Associate of Arts degree, as well as a high school diploma. Early College is open to rising juniors at all four Parkway high schools and will offer 24 seats for the 2023-2024 cohort.  Click here for the online application.

    ECP Overview video.  

    SOUTH TECH website

    In collaboration with partner districts, South Technical High School provides technical education designed to ensure the student's successful contribution to our community.  South Tech offers students in grades 10 through 12 the opportunity to explore options and experience interests from 32 different technical majors


    Many of our courses at PNH offer the opportunity to earn dual credit from UMSL, STLCC, MO State. When students take advantage of this opportunity, the grade that they receive at PNH is shared with the college and placed on a transcript. The transcript will list the grade earned and the corresponding course title. The students would then share their final college transcript with the college to which they decide to attend after high school. It is up to that institution as to whether they accept the credit and will apply that credit towards their degree/program requirements. The college could choose to grant credit only, use the credit and the grade earned, or not accept the credit at all. Many colleges have a maximum number of credit hours they will transfer towards specific degree programs.

    North High does not have access to your transcript or records from any affiliated university. Students must contact the university directly regarding any information pertaining to their dual credit (transcripts, GPA, courses taken, etc.). Students are also responsible for determining transferability of their credit earned. Students may check with individual schools or use a website, such as Transferology, to assist with this process.  The University of Connecticut actually created a Credit Transfer Database where you select the state of the college you are considering attending, click on the specific school, and then their credit transfer policy will display.  As the disclaimer on the site shares, "this database is only to be used as a guide and cannot guarantee the success of credit transfer," but it is helpful to at least gain perspective on whether the transfer of credits might be a possibility.  

    Missouri State Dual Enrollment Website
    Deadline to register for Fall 2023 is September 18
    Deadline for full refund is October 13

    $70 per credit hour. Students that qualify for free or reduced lunch qualify for a discounted rate.
    Student Registration Guide

    Deadline to register for Fall 2023 is September 13
    Deadline for full refund is December 1
    Deadline to register for Spring 2023 is January 23
    Deadline for full refund for Spring class is April 1
    $70 per credit hour. No FRL fee reduction.

    Email Ms. Wright if you have any questions: 


    Dual enrollment is often confused with Dual Credit (listed above). Dual enrollment, however, indicates that a high school student is enrolled in two different learning institutions – one being their high school, and one being a college. The students utilizing dual enrollment are taking college classes on a college campus. The teacher is a regular faculty member of that college, and the majority of the students in the course are candidates for degrees at that college. More selective universities will not accept dual credit (courses taken on high school campus), but might take a limited number of credits earned through dual enrollment (courses taken on a college campus) during junior or senior year of high school.  North High has had students participate in dual enrollment at local colleges such as STLCC.


    The Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Scholarship covers tuition and fees for high school students taking dual credit or dual enrollment coursework from an approved provider.  Changes to the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Scholarship, including changes to the eligibility criteria, will be effective beginning with the Fall 2022 semester. Families can review the application process here: 

    • Deadline for Fall: December 1 (Priority deadline is October 1)
    • Deadline for Spring: February 1 (or until April 1 if funds are still available)


    AP Registration is open and you will follow the below instructions to sign up in CollegeBoard and enroll in the exam. Students at Parkway North have an opportunity to sign up and pay to take Advanced Placement (AP) exams in May of each school year. Students earn a score (1-5) and may share that score with the college they plan to attend. It is then up to that institution to determine how they interpret and use that credit. Most colleges have a specific score requirements on each specific exam to grant credit or waive course work. If the student meets their minimum requirement, the college may award credit only (no assigned grade) for an equivalent course, or award no credit, but allow the student to move on to the next level. Colleges may also limit the number of credit hours earned to apply towards a specific degree program.  If you navigate to the college website of the school(s) you are interested in, you can do a site search of "AP credit" and the school policy should be available for you to review.

    Important PNH AP Dates / Deadlines: (These are before the actual College Board deadlines!)
    • November 8: Registration Deadline for First Semester Classes / Full Year Classes (Students must change UNDECIDED to YES or NO by this date AND pay in Infinite Campus)
    • December 15: Accommodation Request Deadline
    • March 8: Second Semester Course Registration Deadline / Final Ordering and Payment Deadline
    • May 6-17: Testing Exam Window

    Take a look at the PNH AP Exam Directions 23-24