• Independent Study  

    • Description
      An Independent Study Course (I.S.) is a course mutually developed and designed by a student and supervising instructor to explore a subject area that is not offered in a course already being taught in Parkway.

    • Credits
      I.S.'s can be petitioned for 0.5 (one semester) credit or 1.0 (two semesters) credit.

    • Grading
      A standard grading system will be used (i.e. A, B, C, D, F). No "H"'s will be given.

    • NCAA Eligibility
      No independent study courses are approved by NCAA.

    • Proposal Process
      For your proposal to be considered you must complete the online form below which includes:

      • information about the student and teacher working on the independent study course
      • an outline of the topic and objectives to be studied including a timeline and methods of assessment

      Once the form is completed, you will be e-mailed a copy of your responses with a signature sheet. Please print the e-mail and obtain all the signatures listed. When complete, return the form to your counselor.

      Click on this link to proceed: