Contact Information

  • Jason Koehrer


    Parkway South High School

    You will have some optional extra practice available on Schoology.  To login, follow the directions below.

    1.  Go to

    2.  Log in using your log in

    3.  Click "Courses" at the top

    4.  Click on "My Courses" to the right in blue

    5.  On the right side click "Join a course"

    6.  The Statistics access code:  Z7945-MWX57  (Choose AP Statistics South High as you may see other options)

         PreCalculus access code:  KMG65-GPX4T  (Choose Koehrer-PreCalculus as you may see other options)

    7.  You now have full access to this course and will never have to repeat this process again.

    As with anything, please see me if you have questions or need help!!